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We are excited to announce that Natural Insight has joined Movista Inc.

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Enhanced Retail Execution Visibility

To create the perfect in-store experience, retail, brand, and third-party employees need to execute millions of tasks across thousands of stores every day. Natural Insight gives you unprecedented visibility into what is happening in your stores with on-demand communication tools so you can deliver the best experience to all of your customers, one hundred percent of the time.

How It Works

Optimize the ROI of your workforce
  • Understand individual performance based on historical data
  • Analyze and optimize overall workforce performance and trends
Save Time with Centralized, Timely Communication
  • Deliver detailed instructions, including PDFs and videos, to workers in stores
  • Centralize communication and task management, set up automated reminders
  • Monitor progress in real time on a user-friendly retail execution dashboard
Make Sure that Everything Gets Done
  • Verify that promotional marketing materials are visible in every store, and price tags are updated
  • Visually verify retail execution across stores with photo libraries

Analyze, Improve and Report on Your Success
  • Collect in-store data online and offline on any device
  • Gain detailed insight into compliance and the impact of store programs on consumer behavior using our simple, drag-and-drop reporting system
“With a large decentralized workforce it is important to have the ability to assign jobs, record project information, get real-time updates and feedback from the field and hold employees accountable. Natural Insight allows us to do this and focus on what matters. It is the leading application for our kind of business.”
Chris Nozet, President of AMS

Features Highlights


Project Management

  • Real-time Field Communication
  • Retail Task Management
  • Retail Scheduling
  • Project Dashboard
  • Project Completion Tracking
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Quality Assurance

  • Visual verification
  • Real-time Alerts
  • Exceptions
  • GPS Based Location Verification
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Field Data Capture & Analytics

  • Surveys and mobile data collection
  • Drag & drop report builder
  • Drag & drop dashboard builder
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On-Demand Talent Management

  • Applicant Tracking System
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